Alain Kramer (France)


Alain Kramer (France)

It all began in 2011, in Berlin.
In front of a building ready to be destroyed, Alain Kramer stoped and contemplated.
That is where the innovating artist reveals himself and takes the side to take us on a voyage by photographing walls from all over the word.

From New York to Bangkok including London and Paris, Alain Kramer give back vibrations and energy of each city thanks to his singular framing and his sharpened eye.
Discover the intuition and spontaneity that this artist is delivered to us across his "photographical paintings", he propose irrational pictures, mysterious, witch intrigue, throw, and which reveal the instinct in us of primitive sensations.

Each "Photographical Painting" is an invitation to create his own story that can be rewrited over time.

In june 2015, he submited his work to the Art and Culture Center of Meudon, and immediately get a personal exhibition at l'Orangerie in the Luxembourg Garden in Paris from 29th june to 10th july, 2016.

With a child awareness, Alain Kramer finally began to create complicity between the subject and him, by inviting the spectator's imagination to travel.