Éric Gizard (France)


Éric Gizard (France)

Eric Gizard is an enthusiast of his age: he is interested in severals subjects and provide very personal solutions with elegant and original styles.

Attentive explorer of world styles, Eric Gizard have an assertive taste for encounters and eclecticism, witch give to his piece a very personal identity.
With assertive contrasts and a work on chiaroscuro, the designer act on a multitude of projects in Europe and Asia, bringing to their creations lightness and simplicity but never become flashy.

Perfect blend between curve and beeline, between natural colors and warm colors, Eric Gizard enhance the rare quality of materials that he use in their creations, thanks to a prefect combination of colors revealing the singularity of his furniture.

Furnitures pieces or black and white pictures, the designer expose a new field of application of his creativity in the exhibition "Empreintes" during the Festival D'DAYS. Here, the lines cached into pictures and diged in the wood of pieces become source of energy.

Inspired by the contemporary Decorative Arts, Eric Gizard propose a new and considered work, where intuition and daring blend each other.