Get to know Constance Guisset's designs for PETITE FRITURE


Get to know Constance Guisset's designs for PETITE FRITURE
Tue, Jun 12th 2018

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Constance Guisset, the French designer who created Vertigo, a contemporary icon

PETITE FRITURE, design label created in 2009 by French Amélie du Passage, was born out of the will to promote young talents, and to develop with them a catalog of objects, lighting and small  furniture that would create a vibration. The result 10 years later? An elegant and accessible collection that tells a story in a simple and uninhibited manner; objects that add some spice to our daily life, and invite us to savor it.

This month, we highlight the talent of one of the designer the brand has worked with ever since its inception, Constance Guisset.
Petite Friture and the Paris-based designer are a lifetime best friends and have created many successful projects together. Crowning this long lasting friendship in 2018, Constance Guisset's work was showcased in a solo exhibit in Paris, at the world renowned Musée des Arts Décoratifs. A perfect opportunity for the designer to show how Petite Friture designs can transcend spaces and sparkle joy in anyone's environment.