CTO Lighting presents: Nimbus


CTO Lighting presents: Nimbus
Wed, Jun 13th 2018

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Creative directors Chris and Clare Turner founded CTO Lighting on the guiding principles of designing lights of uncompromising quality, using only the finest materials and working with elite British craftsmen.

The Nimbus, both a pendant and wall light, is an ode to the elegance and excellence in British design manufacturing the modern luxury lighting company is known for.

Each piece of glass is unique. The droplets are hand-formed by our glass artisans using a process where undulations and crystal-like textures form. The translucent shade contrasts with the crisp solid brass fitting, and is complimented by the beautifully framed symmetrical metalwork. The light emitted is a soft warm glow and is perfectly fitted for corridors as the bulb is hidden within the metalwork and it fits closely to the wall. Referencing both modern and retro aesthetics, the Nimbus creates a stunning centerpiece and transfixes those who see it.