SAVVY Studio is proud to present Hungry Beast (Mexico City, MX)


SAVVY Studio is proud to present Hungry Beast (Mexico City, MX)
Wed, Jun 20th 2018

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SAVVY Studio's latest project, Hungry Beast, will satisfy all of your cravings...

SAVVY's latest creation, the Hungry Beast Cafe, is truly a feast for the senses. Located in the roma neighborhood of Mexico City, Hungry Beast began from a simple concept: a cafe where people could come together for deliciously healthy food in a straightforward way. With this in mind, SAVVY created a space where architecture and branding could come together in a harmonious way. From there, the cafe was made with a focus on health-conscientiousness in an intricately-designed space with quality food as the highlight.

All of the visual elements, from the clean crisp lines to the strong wood panels to the textured concrete, create an atmosphere of warmth and approachability, welcoming any and every guest that comes in. With these natural materials, the authenticity and honesty of the space make Hungry Beast one of the best places to get healthy cuisine in a comfortable environment.