Laufen - History and Innovation


Laufen - History and Innovation
Tue, Jun 26th 2018

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Marked by innovation and history - Laufen makes a mark in the industry

Eco-friendly Swiss company LAUFEN is a brand that is dedicated to design, quality, and functionality on a global scale. For more than 126 years, the Swiss brand has delivered impeccable products to the public. From ceramic sanitary ware to bathroom furniture, LAUFEN has consistently created innovative and functional product lines that display their exquisite craftsmanship time and time again.

SAPHIRKERAMIK by Laufen is a revolutionary material that transforms the way that ceramics are created for bathrooms. Since its creation in 2013, Laufen has pushed the envelope when it comes to the development of ceramic, making the strong material more malleable to create a thinner body and simpler structure. SAPHIRKERAMIK is nowadays known as the thinnest ceramic on the global market. This method not only reduces the weight of each product, it creates sophisticated forms that save space in every bathroom and are environmentally friendly.