The ateliernovō website is officially open!


The ateliernovō website is officially open!
Tue, Sep 4th 2018

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The highly anticipated ateliernovō website is open to the public
Find homeware, gifts and more made by master artisans!

To lovers of design and exquisite craft, ateliernovō is a treasure trove. ateliernovō was born out of a passion for the contemporary French craft scene, and promotes a curated selection of artisans and their works.

With an e-commerce website that went live on September 3rd, 2018 and two pop-up stores in New York City for the Holiday season, get ready to be inspired by French savoir-faire and true excellence in craftsmanship. The website is a fantastic opportunity to discover the works of renowned artists, such as ceramicists Eric Hibelot, Patricia Vieljeux and Agnès Nivot, as well as glass artists and wood sculptors Cyrille Morin and Natacha Heitz, among others. Every aspect of the site tells a story of passion: artisans share their inspiration and their creative process, as well as the different techniques and materials involved. This makes for a unique buying experience