Melogranoblu : Spotlight on Massimo Crema, co-founder of Melogranoblu


Melogranoblu : Spotlight on Massimo Crema, co-founder of Melogranoblu
Fri, Sep 14th 2018

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Conceived and founded in 1997 by Ermanno Rocchi and Massimo Crema, Melogranoblu is an Italian interior lighting company based in Bergamo, Italy. Over the years, the company has developed a wide range of solutions for interior lighting design suitable for homes as well as offering more impressive installations for large architectural settings.

Hand blown glass is a skill Melogranoblu has turned into an art form, and it all begins with a sketch. During the early creation phases, both partners work with a skilled glass-blower to brainstorm ideas and collaborate their talents into a vision. "Glass is a fascinating material for its lightness and transparency, but when combined with light it transmits the magical emotional effect, our role is to capture that emotion so that everyone can enjoy it," said Crema. With previous professional experiences in the field of the theater, Crema thrives on creating light fixtures that are an ode to scenography. He loves working with architectural spaces because many people can enjoy his products and experience the emotional effect they evoke as well but the uniqueness of these fixtures in that they work in both commercial and private settings.