The 50th Anniversary of the Coupé Lamp by Oluce


The 50th Anniversary of the Coupé Lamp by Oluce
Mon, Sep 17th 2018

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Oluce : A Spotlight on Coupé's 50th Anniversary

To celebrate Coupé's 50th anniversary, Oluce has created a special edition of a product that has stood the test
 of time and many passing fashions to become
 a classic of interior design. The new version 
of the classic floor lamp style produced by Oluce is available
 in a limited edition of 500 numbered pieces, featuring a sleek, gold trimmed finish and the 50th anniversary engraving on the base.

The original Coupé series, designed by Joe Colombo in 1967, was initially conceived as a variation of the Spider family, also created by Colombo, of which it has kept its base and stem. The simple, ingenious mechanism that connects the stem to the head makes it possible to direct the beam in several directions by moving the dome up, down and sideways.

Available in two versions, with either a semi-cylindrical or a semi-spherical dome, over the years, many models of Coupé have been created (ranging between the historic table lamp to the floor and wall lamps), becoming one of Oluce's most popular and best-known collections.

Today a full-fledged icon 
of lighting and Italian design, in 1968 Coupé was awarded 
in Chicago the International Design Award by the American Institute 
of Interior Designers. The lamp is included in the permanent collections of New York's MoMA 
and the Neue Sammlung Museum in Munich, among others.