S2H Communication October Newsletter


S2H Communication October Newsletter
Fri, Oct 5th 2018

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The Holidays!

All of a sudden it’s the Holiday season all over again. I haven’t even realized we’ve already come to that point of the year, until I heard myself saying to a client this morning: we may be a little late to be included in gift guides if you want to start pushing your end-of-year products right now.
And then it struck me. Halloween is almost here, and so many things are supposed to happen before Christmas!

All events are listed on their website...

After that we may organize a costume contest between our Paris and Miami teams, just for fun, because November is bringing exciting new clients along our way, but we won’t say too much just now. I’ll be Harry Potter in his invisibility cape. How about you?
Sarah Hamon, CEO and founder of S2H Communication

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