Product spotlight - Ping by Petite Friture


Product spotlight - Ping by Petite Friture
Wed, Oct 10th 2018

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This Holiday Season, stay cozy with a new family... PING

Just launched at Maison&Objet this fall, PING originates from a Soviet tin toy, a penguin, placed in Andras Rigler's grandparents' food cupboard, and who, in the mind of the then little boy, was monitoring his every move. At that time, Andras was only 5 years old. He went on to morph this fear into a sweet memory, and harnessed it to draw, or rather sculpt, this collection.

Ping is not only a series of 4 containers but also company for everyday life, in a hall, on a chimney, in a kitchen... "PING is a family of containers with purified forms of penguins. The "Grand Pere" version is the last piece that completes the collection: it offers more volume thanks to its more imposing appearance. Each PING is unique"- ANDRAS RIGLER

Bring Ping and his family into your home this holiday season and whether he stores the treats or holds the decor the Ping family will be sure to spark this your festivities with joy and happiness.