SOCIETY LIMONTA: New collection to discover


SOCIETY LIMONTA: New collection to discover
Wed, Dec 19th 2018

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Society Limonta introduces Fall/Winter 18'-19' Lookbook

Now that the Italian linens brand has made a name and home for itself in the U.S., it's time to dive into the universe of Society Limonta. The Fall/Winter 2018-19 'Winter Diary' collection will make redecorating for the new year easier than ever.

The 'Winter Diary' collection embodies Society Limonta's values through a story that has always been written by hand; a personal story. Writing your own winter diary means making each collection your own, choosing the colors and styles that most identify you. A home furnished with 'Made in Limonta' linens will feel like stepping into the pages of a book made from the most sumptuous tiles.

This season is all about sophisticated interiors with soft, cozy fabrics and a focus on three deep and essential colors: a strong plum, an intense neptune blue and the tone of raw clay.

View Lookbook here