Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel presents luxury Ponant Cruises


Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel presents luxury Ponant Cruises
Tue, Jan 8th 2019

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Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel is proud to present the new line of luxury Ponant Cruises

Named after famous explorers, Le Champlain, the second of a fleet of six new luxury vessels will be unveiled to the public. Marked by truly unique interior design, Le Champlain is joined by the LAPEROUSE, which first launched in July of 2019. Designed by Studio Nuel, the ship's interior architecture features wooden battens and screen walls that seamlessly express this specific identity, and the carpeting, fabrics and decorative objects that are similarly inspired by the same marine and ethnic spirit.

With a length of 131 meters over 7 decks, and an area of approximately 54895 sq ft, Le Champlain's unique character - whose size allows for exclusive anchorages - is enhanced by a less formal interior design blending luxury with nature. The chromatic palette is inspired by a variation of watery greens reminiscent of the different seas and oceans around the world.

The ship's more human-scaled interior design reflects the most extraordinary and exclusive destinations. At the same time, it also incorporates design codes from sailing life to evoke the more exclusive world of yachting.