Fri, Feb 15th 2019

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Polar Vortex

While this wave of cold hasn't really invaded South Florida, we spend enough time in NYC these days to experience how brutal it can be, and we have to admit that it's been a little while since Miamians were not able to spend a chill Sunday at the beach. But, that is still fine since our radars are buzzing with excitement in February as we are allowed to announce the WantedDesign American Design Honors 2019. A round of applause for Arielle Assouline-Lichten, founder of Slash Objects, for this award that will enable her to exhibit her latest designs at WantedDesign Manhattan in May. Assouline-Lichten is the first woman - as an individual - to get this recognition. Even though women were acclaimed in the past with Egg Collective, we're very happy to see that WantedDesign will be all about women this year. If you stroll down SOHO, make sure to stop by Green Street and visit the new USM showroom set, featuring Haller-E, the iconic Swiss Shelving system now enhanced with LED wireless light... You would never guess how it works and yet it is after 7 years of intense engineering development.

In Philadelphia, Moderne Gallery, the leading Nakashima dealer in the world, is making a move and is settling in a new building that will be the new Hub for Arts and Design; Maison Sarah Lavoine is launching her new Blue Collection - available at her showroom in the D&D Building, Rinck is launching its new Beethoven cabinet and Jean-Philippe Nuel unveils a new luxury hotel in Paris, La Clef Champs-Elysées, a perfect destination for a romantic getaway. If these are not enough to keep you warm, give a hug to your neighbor, it's Saint Valentine's, and as I heard, it seem to be a pretty big deal here!

Sarah Hamon, CEO and founder of S2H Communication

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